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Title: Who should register?
Post by: Zia Shamsi on March 14, 2008, 06:00:55 PM
Dear Guest,

Thanks for visiting the forum. However, please note that this forum is exclusively maintained for online meeting purposes of  ex-students from Shaheen School & College located at Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aim is to create a database of students and teachers of the School.

So, if you are not an old Shaheen, no point registering here.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ex-shaheen? Keep on reading...

Dear fellow ex-shaheens:

Very often, an old shaheen will say, “my time at SHAHEEN was the best years of my life”. 

It is a powerful statement reflecting the wonderful associations they had with other students, teachers and administration within the academic environment.  Whether you left Shaheen last year or 40 years ago, keep your involvement with Shaheen School and College by joining this Ex-Students’ Forum.  Every  old student of Shaheen, Dhaka, is important to the success of the Forum.

It is our hope that this website will eventually become the main resource center for Shaheen School & College Ex-students - our place on the Net. Our success, however, will depend on our members' input. So I encourage all the present and future members of to contribute as much as you can to make this forum a success!

Ex-shaheens, Register now! You belong here!

After registration, set your profile. Use "Account Related Settings" for providing your full name and use "Fourm Profile Information" for providing other personal details such as your passing year, House, Group, Phone number, Current occupation/location, etc.

Member list is sortable by name or by passing year. Gallery has albums for individual batches!

Enjoy the forum.

The Shaheen School & College Dhaka - Ex-Students' Forum Team.